UK Curly Girl's Skincare Routine (Clearing Flare Ups!)

UK Curly Girl skincare

My skin has been on one hell of a journey this past 4-5 months and I am SO glad to say that I finally have it under control thanks to creating an actual skincare routine. Before this I winged it as I have never really had “bad skin” so I felt I didn’t need to invest in fancy products or spend time with toning and priming before makeup.


So this July I was faced with raw red big flare ups/congestion in my forehead and cheek areas which was really getting to my confidence, especially as a blogger you get invited to so many events, have to take so many pictures and film for your YouTube channel, due to this I was finding it hard to stop wearing makeup.

It was when it got to this point that I had had enough and popped into ‘Space NK’ and BEGGED the store assistant to help me fix my face (lol) and he was so lovely to recommend me the right products (I was skeptical at first) I just assumed that he would want me to buy the most expensive products but he actually understood by looking at my face that it wasn’t normal and that I had a lot of congestion.

He felt that it was due to makeup and not having a proper routine. SO I bought the products he recommended from Ren Skincare (cost me a good £70!) and began a CONSISTENT routine morning and night following the instructions and routine he suggested, I was dedicated! Over time it paid off! Check out the products used and my monthly improvements.


So how did I do it? Check out the full tutorial in my recent Skincare Routine video below. If you too are suffering with skin issues I now get the feeling but I definitely stress that you should stop wearing makeup (if you have too make sure you prime and cleanse thoroughly! Also cleanse as soon as you no longer need your makeup on).

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