Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil Product Review (Full Line)

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After seeing this new natural hair line all over Instagram! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it as it contained a wide range of styling products (which is rare now in the curly hair community) usually I am used to a choice of leave-ins and gels but Revlon Realistic has a butter, creme and custard!

The products are all infused with black seed oil, which is an ingredient I am not familiar with (and haven't seen as a basis for a natural hair line) so I was very excited to try! Black seed oil strengthens the hair and soothes the scalp, it's a natural anti-inflammatory (great for me as I have a very irritable scalp!). 

With this range you can create such a wide amount of styles from finger coils, wash and go, twist outs, bantu knots and sleek updos (thanks to edge control). Now let's get into my thoughts on each product...


1. Strengthening Shampoo

New favourite alert!! This shampoo is so lovely to use, I am not a fan of shampoos usually but this shampoo was soooo moisturising and great to detangle with which is what I look for in a shampoo. It's never nice when you use a shampoo that dries and clumps your curls together. I am so happy that it comes in a great sized pump bottle making it very accessible and easy to use whilst in the shower. It does lather so this shampoo won't be for you if you prefer a cleanser or co-wash but I really found it great for getting rid of product build up which I had a lot of! All of the products in this line have a similar sweet scent so no complaints in that department either!


2. Strengthening Conditioner

Again I am not a fan of conditioners usually (they are totally needed) but hardly any jump out at me and this again didn't jump out at me. I think I may have had a faulty bottle as I found it really difficult to pump more than one pump at a time which made it annoying to get a generous amount out. Asides from the malfunction the conditioner was good enough to detangle and moisturise before rinsing out.


3. Strengthening Twisting Pudding

All of the styling products come in tub packaging so are generously filled and easy to use when you are doing difficult styles and need a lot of product. First of all, let's talk about the smell.. think of skittles (Yaaas), both styling products have such a strong sweet smell! 

The Twisting Pudding, however, was probably my least favourite styling product from the line as it feels similar to slime and gave hold but I didn't feel like my hair was as moisturised as how the other styling products left my hair. 

Instagram Twist-out Tutorial


4. Strengthening Curling Custard

This I found was better than the Twisting Pudding at creating twist outs when used on top of the Butter Creme. Just alone didn't give enough moisture and hold (resulting in less definition) so after testing this product in different ways I concluded that it is best as a curl cream to use on top of a leave-in conditioner like the Butter Creme. I had popping curls and great volume after airdrying with these 2 products.


5. Strengthening Butter Creme

This product is really moisturising and thick but surprisingly glides through damp hair well with amazing slip and I see the curls forming straight away. It is definitely the best base product from this range which can be used alone or built up with the other products (like the custard) to create different hairstyles.


6. Strengthening Curl Reviver

This product was another least favourite of mine, which is strange as I have heard so many great reviews on this product! I think it was due to the fact that my hair is so thick I really need a refresher which is very watery almost an Aloe Vera juice consistency whereas this felt much thicker to me. It worked well on already defined curls to add some moisture to the ends and revive all over but definitely wasn't the best for reviving my hair type when it is undefined and dry.


7. Strengthening Edge Control

Definitely the winner of the best smelling edge control I have ever come across! The tub is also much bigger than the standard edge control tub and clear in colour. I am not a regular user of edge control and personally prefer gels. However, it did the job and I would recommend for those who do use edge control as it gave me hold with no flakes (what more can you ask for?!).













My final verdict... To be 100% honest I actually assumed that these products would be so drying for my hair type, but after testing out for the past few weeks I am really impressed with this range and will definitely continue to use my personal stand out's (Strengthening Shampoo, Butter Creme & Curling Custard).

You can buy the full line from most local Afro Beauty & Hair stores in the UK and the Revlon Realistic website,


*This post is sponsored by Revlon Realistic but all views are 100% honest and my own*