LUSH UK Showcase Event - My 1st Ever Press Trip!

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Last week I was lucky enough to be chosen as an influencer to attend the ‘Lush Showcase’ which took place in Manchester! This was my first ever press trip and I loved every moment of it, as a blogger who has been consistent for over 4 years now, it’s a great feeling to be treated in return for the work you do.

When I think of Lush I think of bright colours, sweet smells and bath bombs! However for some reason I had totally forgotten about their range of natural hair products. I am a lover of all things natural for hair so I was over the moon to be invited and introduced to the hair products again.

The event was on for 2 days (Sunday and Monday) and I arrived on the Sunday afternoon. This was my second time in Manchester after attending for my ‘Get My Curls Back! Brunch’ event a few months back so I was excited to be able to stay for 2 nights and explore a bit more.

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When I arrived at the hotel I was immedietly gifted with a Lush tote bag full of random and amazing smelling treats! I made it up to my room and loved my view, huge bed, gorgeous bathroom and a full sized mirror (I took great advantage of lol)

As soon as I unpacked my suitcase it was time to head to the event which was HUGE inside full of so many quirky sections relating to the different categories of Lush products. They had sinks running water for you to test out bath bombs and shower bombs, soaps and all things body care. They had a full section of vanities available for you to try out their new makeup range with a large selection of foundation & concealer shades! (If you’re a makeup fan you’ll want to check it out). However as you will all guess I headed straight to the haircare section which was huge and had products stacked up everywhere (very tempted to slip some in my bag lol). Along with displays they had set up mini salons with Lush staff giving hair consultations and trying out products on the hair.

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I was met with Sarah from the Lush Hair Labs team who booked me in for a hair appointment! She walked me through each product she had chosen to use on my hair and I was actually shocked at how curly girl friendly and innovative the new items are! They had amazing sinks set up that had steamers ready for a deep treatment session whilst playing soothing music at the same damn time.

Below are the products that were used on my hair, I am a fan of all of them but ‘American Dream’, ‘Damaged Hot Oil Treatment’, ‘Edge Control’ and ‘Renee’s Souffle’ really stood out to me and I cannot wait to try them all out again.

First up Sarah showed me how to use the hot oil treatment which comes in the strangest packaging but I find it so echo friendly and fun to use. The treatment is like a bar of soap attached to a wooded stick (kind of like a Magnum stick) and on the stick they have pictures of how to use the product incase you are confused (as I would be).

With the treatment you boil some soft water (using a filter if you can) in a mug and simply dip the stick into the water and stir (that stick comes in handy) the product then melts into this thick and creamy mixture that looks good enough to eat!

They have a range of treatments to chose from and I went for the ‘Damaged’ treatment which is good for repairing dry and damaged hair. Once the treatment was ready we went over to the sinks and began #WashDay. First up was the hot oil treatment and a steamer was directing on my hair whilst applying the product. I then was given a relaxing scalp massage with music and enjoying the amazing scents coming from my hair! (A great change to when I wash my own hair).

Next my hair was then shampoo’d with the moisturising ‘Honey’ shampoo which I found to be kind of similar to the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey shampoo and my hair felt great!

After Shampoo it was time for conditioner and we used the ‘American Cream’ conditioner which IS A DREAM and has a new formula. My hair felt so soft just like satin and the stylists fingers flowed through my curls with ease as she brushed through. I definetly will be using this product again.


We then left the sink and it was time to style. We decided to do a simple wash and go but used the LOC method by layering products (this gave me great results and my next day hair was still moisturised and defined, no refresh needed!). We used a hair custard, cream/souffle, scalp milk, edge control and gel.

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Product 1. Hair Custard

Product 2. Renee’s Souffle (Coming Soon)

Product 3. Calm Down Scalp Milk (Coming Soon)

Product 4. Giants Gel

Product 5. Edge Control

I am in LOVE with the edge control as it’s a packaging free product (great for those who are all about helping the environment). I just love that it comes in this play dough style lump you would never think that it was an edge control and it is a much better texture that the generic edge controls from brands that come in the tub and are usually drying. Lush have a toothbrush to use alongside this product and your simple brush the lump with the toothbrush and then apply the product on the brush to your edges.

We decided to add and extra layer of hold by using the ‘Giants Gel’ which gave me great hold as my edges were still in place for the next day.

Here are my amazing results, I cannot wait for these products to all be available in Lush stores so I can stock up (especially on American Dream).

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The 3 day trip was such an amazing experience and I want to give a huge thanks to Rachel at Lush for looking after us influencers/bloggers throughout our stay! Stay tuned for some more content featuring the products.


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