How To Deep Condition Low Porosity Curly Hair


Deep conditioning and maintaining low porosity curls can be challenging as it’s hard to get moisture into the cuticles thanks to them being tightly shut together Sigh BUT do not threat! After 4 years of learning and maintaining my natural hair I have found the best practices for getting moisture into my low porosity curls.

Check out some of my tips below, along with a video of my full routine!

Tip 1. Use Multiple Shower Caps

You want to hold in as much warmth as possible whilst deep conditioning as the warmth allows the cuticles to open, then allowing the moisture in the hair. One of the most affordable ways to do this is to wear a shower cap on top of a shower cap (or even plastic bags) Put your collection of spare ones to use!

Tip 2. Warm Towels

Before starting your wash day, place some towels on your heater and then wrap them around your shower cap whilst deep conditioning to act as a heated cap (without having to buy one). This is a great alternative to a deep treatment without having to use a steamer or thermal cap.

Tip 3. Heated Thermal Cap

I am in LOVE with my thermal cap from ‘Hot Head’ I have used it for years and deep condition with it on top of my shower cap after around 3 minutes of placing it in the microwave!

All of these tips are directed to those with low porosity hair to do weekly BUT it is also great to use some heat whilst deep conditioning for all hair types if you feel like it :)

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Check out my last tip in the video below!

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