6 Best & Affordable Products For Refreshing Curly Hair

Refreshing curly hair is a way to revive your defined and moisturised curls in-between washes. A day or 2 after wash day you may find you hair looking frizzy, limp, dry and not how it started on day 1, however you may not want to shampoo or co-wash just yet. This is where your products for refreshing come in handy! No need to complete your full wash routine simply refresh your curly hair with the products mentioned below.


Curls Aloe & Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturiser


I love this sprays sweet refreshing scent and its easy to use design. I prefer to use on slightly damp hair as I am a low porosity curly. Be aware that this product doesn’t hold as such but moisturises for those dry hair days.

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk


One of the first ever products I tried when starting out on my natural hair journey! I love how lightweight this product is and a little goes a long way! It’s coconut scent and moisture leaves you curls soft. Simply mix some of this in a spray bottle with water and spritz the sections of hair that need reviving, finish by scrunching.

Root 2 Tip Honey Rain Juice Detangling Leave-in Conditioner


Perfect for the kiddies! (and adults) no need for mixing, this spray has the conditioner and water combined together perfect for on the go refreshing! It is perfect for those with thicker and more afro textured curls.


Aloe Vera Juice


You’ll find aloe in a lot of the products on this list so there is no surprise as to why I have included this natural juice on the list. Aloe vera juice is such a natural lightweight moisturiser so close to water but has the added benefits of its proteolytic enzymes to help repair the hair and scalp.


As I Am So Much Moisture Hydrating Lotion


For the curlies who prefer lotion for the hair, this product can be applied on both dry hair and along with some water (which ever you prefer). I find this great for if you need to refresh a twist out or braid out, along with moisturising your ends throughout the week.


SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Texture Spray


My ultimate holiday/beach/pool curly hair combo! This spray works wonders for dry curls on the beach. After sun bathing you’ll want to keep this by your side to protect your curls from the sun reviving moisture. Perfect on a normal day for those with looser wavier curly hair.

Do you have any products you would recommend for refreshing curly hair?