July Femme Luxe Unboxing

Another month another Femme Luxe care package! I am now summer event ready thanks to the new items I picked up below. I decided to go from blouse to jeans to day dress and now I have some great options casual but dressy at the same damn time!

If you are looking for some outfit inspo for any summer day parties, brunches, drinks with the girls or date night outings coming up, definitely check out some of the looks below.

Yellow Blouse

I am IN LOVE with this blouse as yellow is my colour and neon is so in this summer! It screams elegant hot girl summer as it can be worn in so many different ways. My favourite is the off the shoulder look perfect for dinner with the girls, drinks or date night. I paired it with a pair of jeans also from this months package.

Only downside is the satin/smooth like material leaves sweat patches so try not to wear it if you are going to be in a situation where you’re likely to sweat e.g) a nightclub or on a hot day.

Dark High Waisted Jeans

You can’t go wrong with a pair of high waisted jeans in your closet. Honestly high waisted jeans are the only type of jeans I like to wear, being shorter I feel they make me look taller and show off my figure more. I like the dark wash and I only ever wear lighter coloured jeans. These will be great in the winter to pair with a hoodie and then also for nights out to pair with a nice top, crop top or blouse.

I tried it on with the yellow blouse from this package and it makes a great date/drinks outfit!


Light Ripped Cropped Jeans

Finally! My go-to day time errand jeans, I love these jeans as they are so soft and comfy and look great with a vest top or t-shirt. I have been wearing them so much this week for my day to day tasks. The slits at the knee just add a bit of style/something different to the look as the rest of the outfit will be quite basic.

This may just be my best pick from the bunch and I am shocked at how well they fit as most jeans do not sit well on my lower body shape. HUGE thumbs up from me.


Denim Button Up Dress

HELLO!!!! Yess I am in love with day dresses especially with the rise of summer day parties and bbq’s this Summer, this dress is casual/basic but sexy! It fits the body well and can be worn in different ways. I tried it with no top underneath but you can also add either a long sleeved top or t-shirt under to dress it down but it’s so cute! Pair it with some vans or converses and you’re good to go!

Thanks Femme Luxe for gifting me with these clothes! My best package so far. If you want to browse more of their clothing collections, you can shop here.

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