How To Relieve A Itchy, Dry, Dandruff Scalp For Natural Hair

Unfortunately I am a part of the sensitive scalp club! An itchy scalp is something that comes naturally to me if I don’t take the right steps needed to ensure it’s health. Product build up can be one of the main causes for this (as naturals we love and need to use more product than others), this then leads to our scalp blocking up as our natural sebum can’t make it’s way down the hair shaft (crazy I know!).

So after 4 years of experimenting and learning about natural hair, this is what works for me! I recently introduced a scalp massaging brush in to my routine and it works wonders whilst using in the shower (or outside the shower) to really work in your cleanser to the roots and help to rid of any dead skin, dandruff, bacteria and product build up. Mine is from my business O So Curly, check it out here

Peppermint oil and tea tree oil are amazing natural essential oils that you NEED to introduce to your scalp when you feel the itch! I like to add 2 drops to a hair oil mix of my choice and massage it into the scalp before bed or before washing. It immediately soothes the sting!

Watch how I take care of my scalp below, any questions feel free to reach out I love to help!