My Top 6 Favourite Books!

Recently I have been a total book junkie and I have no shame about it! Reading was something I also enjoyed as a child (who remembers Jacqueline Wilson books!) I could never put them down.

I then went through a period of doing no reading what so ever, just reading of gossip and blogs until I came to the realisation that it was time to reopen that chapter (literally lol). Below are some of my top books to read/listen to as Audible has made it so much easier to get through my wish list!

Having to travel a lot on buses and tubes makes it harder to catch up on a good book (don’t always like to carry it around or even have people looking at what you’re reading!). Audible gets you past all of that as you just download the app on your phone for free and receive a free book to read along with audio show content every single month when you subscribe (they currently have a great offer on if you sign up via my link here).

Lets get into my top 6!

Think & Grow Rich

I would have never thought that I would find a book (besides the Bible) that I can pick up or listen to literally every day! Even if it is just a couple pages or chapters a day, this book is a great mindset changer and I love to read it over and over just to keep myself on track and practice the lessons it has.

My favourite chapter is the one on Persistence it helps me to keep going in times when I may feel like I am not getting anywhere.

This book is for you if you really want to change and start making serious money or have a specific goal monetary or carer based. This book is the basis of all self help books you have read to date.

How To Be An Overnight Success

Written by the founder of Rodial and Nip & Fab! This book really inspired me as you get to learn how the brands were started and what she did to get to where she is (Which didn’t happen overnight). It again takes persistence, creativity and determination to get to your dreams.

I like who honest the author is and took a lot of notes on her marketing strategies and how to run a team and business.

The Secret

This book is a book that was gifted to me in University and came at the perfect time! I started to feel confused about my life, where I was going and what I really wanted to do which caused some down periods. This book teaches you about the law of attraction and power of vision boards, visualisation and speaking things into existence.

All of the above I have tried and still do to this day and it works! No doubt about it it works, definitely give it a try, I also love listening to the audio book of the success stories people had submitted to the author, this gives you hope when you feel like it isn’t quite working.

The 5am Club

If you follow me on social media you will know that since last August (2018) I have been waking up at 5am and following a morning routine to then head straight to the gym before my day starts. It has changed my life and business for the better! I was then gifted this book for Christmas and loved the fact that it isn’t the typical preachy self-help book, but a story with characters and a journey that they go on! Although it is a story you learn about the 5am club and routine within the story.

Noughts & Crosses

I mean who hasn’t read this?! If you were in school around the time this was released in the UK you will have definitely had a copy, it was so popular and the story is just amazing. Imagine a world were black people were white people.. just imagine white people being enslaved and the black people in power, this is what the book is about and we fall in love with the main characters.

I won’t give to much away but this book is such a classic and really makes you think!

The Science Of Getting Rich

This book is very thin so you will get through it very quickly! I read this years before even knowing about ‘Think and grow rich’ so I fell in love with it, gave it to people to read and read it myself over and over again! It has the same principles as T&GR and The Secret combined but the authors way of thinking really changed by whole view on money!

So those are only a few of my favourite books but I thought I would share them with you and hopefully inspire you to begin listening to books on your daily journeys!

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