Curlfest 2018 (Everything you need to know!)

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After years of falling in love with group shots from past  Curlfest's all over my Instagram timeline, I vowed to myself that I would be at the 2018 Curlfest (I had no idea how) but I made it happen! Speak things into existence and they will become your reality.

So Curlfest 2018, lets just say I have NEVER been surrounded by so many females in 1 place let alone females with beautiful natural hair! Everyone looked amazing you could literally smell coconut in the air (LOL). The festival takes place in Prospect Park (similar to Hyde Park) in Brooklyn, New York.

It is held in the park for 1 day and has a main stage, VIP areas, food stalls and the oh so popular hair brand stands! The queues for these were hours long (I gave up!) in the heat it wasn't so fun having to queues just to get a hold of some samples and discount product prices... (Ok maybe it is worth it) but I could not hack it!

The festival also has a large area for attendees to sit and chill on their blankets, enjoy food, drink, company and the music. If I get the chance to go to Curlfest again I will definitely make sure to enjoy this side of the day instead of the exploring of brand stands that became a bit of a chore!

Entry to the festival was a nightmare due to the huge lines, luckily after speaking to some ladies in the queue I realised that they were in line to collect their goodie bags (I recommend signing up to get your free ticket) I paid for a ticket and was upset that I would have had to stand in line for so long to get my bag. I ended up ditching the bag idea and collected it on my way home just to avoid the long line.

All in all it was a great experience just to see a natural hair event of that scale and enjoying the amazing weather in NYC. I loved bumping into some of my favourite bloggers/influencers from the US, @Curly.edgy @JanaeRacquel @Stylefeen @Devrivelazquez @jewejewebee @hif3licia

Check out some footage from the day in my New York trip vlog! For details on next years event keep an eye out on the Curly Girl Collective website

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