My Curly Hair Routine Using Noughty Products! (UK Review)

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Say hello to Noughty, a natural hair brand that works amazing for our hair!

I had tried products from this brand last year and fell in love with how moisturising they were (as I wasn't convinced they would be, as they were being sold in retail stores at an affordable price) HOWEVER I was proved wrong and now I am bringing to you guys some products from their new ranges!

I am in love with the amazing fruity smell of all the products I have tried from the range and am especially pleased with the fact that it is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Silicone Free, Natural and Effective!

I have been using these products for the past month for styling and wash and go's. You can check out my results below but let's have a real talk through each step of the way!

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First, I wash my hair by starting with a cleanser (of course) and for this, I am using the 'Moisture Boost Shampoo' from the 'To The Rescue' range created to repair dry and damaged hair. Immediately I really love how moisturizing the shampoo is as it slips with ease through my curls and doesn't create tangles whilst massaging into my scalp. It is also amazing for finger detangling with (I know crazy right) this is usually how I test whether a shampoo is a win for me!

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Next, I rinse out the shampoo when I feel my scalp is nice and clean. I then applied the 'Moisture Boost Conditioner' from the same 'To The Rescue' range, which was thick and reminded me of Shea Butter. At first, due to the thickness it was slightly harder to apply to my hair but once smoothed in it worked through my curls well and became really moisturizing, living up to its name!

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For best results, I like to get most of my detangling done during this time. I start by applying the conditioner generously to my hair and in sections finger detangle from the ends upwards until I am able to run my fingers through my hair with no tangles stopping them along the way. Detangling at the point make all of the next steps much easier to get through.

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Now my favorite part, deep conditioning! I have found a new staple in this amazing product, which is again from the β€˜To The Rescue’ range and is the 'Intense Moisture Treatment' AGAIN living up to its name. What I love most about this treatment is the texture, it’s so soft and easy to apply to the hair (especially my thick hair). Don't let the thinner texture fool you, as it's definitely as moisturizing as the thicker masque treatments out there.

I applied this to my whole hair and generously to my edges and ends, next I leave in for around 40 minutes before rinsing out with cool water. 

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Next wave hello, (literally lol) I go in to style my curls with the 'Wave Hello' range 'Curl Defining Creme Taming Cream'. This product comes in a smaller bottle, which I wish was just a tad larger as my hair is very thick but when applying to the hair I noticed that a little goes a long way.

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My hair immediately lapped up the moisture from this product and I was able to finger detangle again making my curls defined. I feel that this product worked well for my hair but would work EVEN better for those with a looser curl pattern than mine, so if you are reading this with that kind of hair type definitely give this a try. 

All in all, I am very happy with the new 'Noughty' products and am even happier that they are easily accessible due to them being UK based and in Superdrug stores! For more details on the products and my hairs results have a watch of my latest hair routine using the products below.


You can purchase the Noughty products from the Superdrug website here:

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