How To Grow Curly Hair FAST!

Want to grow your curly hair? Well I am afraid it won't happen overnight however I have learnt some great tips and tricks to help your hair grow faster and healthier than it ever has!

Growing my curly hair past my shoulders has always been a struggle for me and I accepted that it just wouldn't happen! Any time I went to the hairdressers it pained me inside when they would insist I need a trim, I just wanted them to let it grow but it felt as if every time I went it was needed.

Ever since stopping the relaxer and embarking on my natural hair journey I haven't been back to a "proper hairdressers" and have had 2 haircuts within the past 4 years. Both cuts have been curl by curl cuts to get rid of my straight ends and add some volume to my hair.

For the past year I skipped on a haircut and have managed to retain length and grow my curls well past shoulder length (when stretched they touch near to my waist!). Along the way I have changed my lifestyle when it comes to diet and haircare. Some include becoming a vegan and limiting my up do's and hair manipulation.

Another huge factor to my hair growth happening faster than usual was thanks to one of my favourite haircare brands, CURLS! They selected me to be a part of their 'Grow And Slay' 3 month hair growth challenge. I was very sceptical at first as I have always believed hair growth pills were just a myth. I decided however to give this challenge a try as it was a liquid vitamin and was packed with great natural ingredients.

After taking the liquid vitamin every day (I did skip a few here and there thanks to my forgetfulness lol) we had monthly length checks and my hair was noticeably growing!


As you can see the vitamins did me well! (This is not a sponsored post!).

I won't give the vitamins all of the credit, if you want to find out the other ways I have managed to grow my hair fast check out my tips below and hair product recommendations in this 2 part hair growth series!