NEW! CURLS #TripleThreat Blueberry Bliss Collection Review

Yes!! Frizz Free Curls have blessed us with 3 new

curly hair products

added to their beloved

Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection

. I am one of the first in the UK to be able to try them out and have been using them for the past month or so! They are officially known to me as the "Ultimate curly girl refreshing kit" and here is why... 

Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment 

This product right here! This was perfect for me as I am a curly that has frequent scalp issues. To find a product that is not only an oil but an oil created to treat the scalp is amazing and I just had to try it straight away! 

It comes in a jar-like bottle and honestly just looks pretty, sticking to the blueberry bliss colours, blue and yellow. With this product, you are getting your money's worth, the bottle is full of the oil and a little goes a long way so expect to have the product last a long time! 

The first thing that really stood out to me was the long dropper. I have never seen a product with 1 this long and honestly, this is what won me over at first glance. I have very thick hair at the roots so applying oil to my hair whilst it is out and curly can be a mission to reach the right spots. 

The length of this dropper solves this problem for me and also allows it to hold more oil! You can apply one drop of oil to your whole scalp if distributed carefully. Now let's get on to how the actual product worked..

 So straight away you can smell the blueberry and mint so you know it's natural! It doesn't smell synthetic at all. The oil isn't thick, it's a lighter oil great for the scalp as it won't clog your pores as much.

Whilst my hair was in braids my scalp had a bad reaction so applying this oil really benefited me! I straight away felt relieved from the itchiness and felt my scalp tingle, this is due to the scalp/blood being stimulated from the mint which is great for promoting hair growth. So, all in all, great impressions of the scalp treatment! 

Aloe & Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer

Next up we have a

curl refreshing

product! I haven't got any spray hair products in my collection so this was great to try. Again the product smells of blueberries and goodness. Its consistency is like water so again you shouldn't get much build up with this product.

I LOVE Aloe Vera so this won me over straight away. Aloe is a great natural moisturiser and great for you if your hair is of a lower porosity level (like mine). I gained moisture from this product but not enough to last me as the only product in my hair. Due to my hairs thickness, I definitely needed some kind of cream/conditioner to put on top.

The actual spray part of the bottle (which is a great size by the way!) doesn't spray outwards like most sprays, instead it sprays in a straight line so great if you want to direct and focus on smaller sections of the hair but not so great if you are in a rush and want a quick once over. 

All in all happy to have a curl refreshing spray to my collection and think it would be best for pool side and beach days, not so much needed for London in the winter *sighs* time to book a holiday!

Blueberry & Coconut Hair Milk

Great! We have the conditioner/cream my hair needed after the spray. So this product is shaped and looks just like the

CURLS blueberry bliss leave-in conditioner

BUT is much lighter in consistency and works into the hair easier. I really enjoyed this hair milk and prefer it over the leave-in! 

Not much more to report about this product but it is also a great base product you can use for your twist-outs and curly hair styles before topping with a styler (souffle or gel). 

 CURLS I am so happy you have added these 3 products to the blueberry bliss range! I would add the scalp treatment and the hair milk to my new favourites list and also am impressed by the curl moisturizer and its amazing ingredients, All smiles from me. 

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